export cats. 猫のお引越し〜アメリカから日本へ猫を連れてくるには⁉︎〜 2

we are preparing for exporting cats there is a possibirity that we move to japan. exporting pets to Japan takes time for that process (at least 7 months.) this is the process.


1.Microchip implaning (ISO11784, 11785)

2.Rabies immunization (dog and cat) 1st time (only inactive vaccine is acceptable)

3.Rabies immunizatiom 2nd time ( 30days later of 1st one)

4.Serological test for ravies neutralizing antibodies

5.180days wait (after blood test)

6.Advance notification(40days before arrival)

7.Approval of import inspection of animals

8.Clinical inspection before depature ( 2days before the depature)

9.Obtaining a health certification from US government agency


(※ this information is 2013, so please make sure the newest information by your own) 













4.狂犬病の抗体価測定 (指定されているラボに血液を送付して検査)

5.180日輸出(帰国)待機 (血液検査から180日)

6.事前届出書の提出 (帰国40日以上前)

7.届出受理書 (検疫所からFax,メール、又は郵送で送られてくる)

8.出国前の臨床検査 (搭載前2日以内)






we had appointment for Rabies vaccine and microchips on this Monday. Microchip should be ISO11784 or 11785 but these microchips are not common in US because some companies have a monopoly on the microchips business in US. So we need to make sure the microchips that our Vet office has is acceptable in Narita or Kansai airpot. otherwise we must prepare microchip reader by ourselves.




Our vet office use HomeAgain's microchip. So, I sent e-mails to Narita airport and Kansai airport about wherter they can read that microchip or not. They replied me soon and that microchip is acceptable in both airports. phew.




on appointment day, it's easy to put Elvira(black cat) in carry cage but problem is another cat Chihiro. we put her favourite cat food in curry cage and when she went to inside to eat that food we closed the cage's door. poor kitty Chihiro... 








Chihiro looks so sad....  so sorry....



cats were crying "meow meow" a lot in the car... i felt sorry for them. at the vet office, Vet and their assistants already studied about exporting cats in Japan and they suggested us several plans and estimated whole cost. they prepared the microchips that is acceptable in Japan too. 


she said to us "let's success "


That is wonderful and so reliable! i felt relieved... it's still long way but i felt we can do that.











Kitties were stay culm at Vet office and they got microchips and Rabies vaccine. Kitties really did good job. Next Rabies vaccine will be 1 month later. I will have been back to Japan at that time so i rely on my partner about the next process . thank you for my partner.


Kitties seemed to be tired that day. Elvira slept on pillow . 






have a good sleep Elvira.